Henbon Australia Pty Ltd

Henbon Australia is the Australian business branch of Henbon Tianfu Group. Headquartered in Sydney, Henbon Australia is committed to investing and developing the Australian real estate market. Henbon Australia devotes itself to research and development of innovative design, attaches great importance to quality and efficiency, and combines with local market expertise to create high-quality residential and commercial properties.

恒邦澳洲(Henbon Australia)是恒邦天府集团的澳大利亚业务分支机构,成立于2019年,总部位于悉尼,恒邦澳洲致力于投资和开发澳大利亚房地产市场,潜心研发创新设计,高度注重质量与效率,并与当地的市场专业知识相结合,打造优质住宅和商业物业。