19 Years of Growth

5 Provinces in China

7 Major Cities

Real estate development is one of the two core sectors of Henbon Group;
Henbon Group is a First-tier property developer in China;
Henson’s business has expanded to nation-wide China.

Mixed use development on 26 acres of land in Nan Chong.

Tourism Property Development

The Hope Town, Nan Chong

Mixed use development on 44 acres of land with integrated retail centre, childcare etc. in Cheng Du.

Urban Residential Project

The Blue Mountain Residence
Emei Mountain, Cheng Du

Mixed use development on 440 acres of land with integrated shopping centre, restaurant and childcare etc. in Xishui

Urban Residential Project

The Hope Town, Xishui

Mixed use development on 100 acres of land with apartment, townhouse and house development in Ningguo

Urban Residential Project

Guanlan Fu, Ningguo

Mixed use development with more than 20,000 lots apartment, commercial and retails in Leshan.

Urban Residential Project

Feicui International, Leshan

Mixed use development with apartment, shopping centre, cinema and retails in Dali.

Urban Residential Project

Taian City, Dali